Get with you – Richie Campbell

Ainda acerca dos sons do Verão.

I’ve been up and down,
Round and around
Made a lot of money but
I just can’t get with you, with you

I’ve been good and bad
Happy and sad
Tried a million times but
I just can’t get with, with you

Cause i’ve got the world in
My hand
I just can’t understand
No matter what i try to do
It don’t impress you

And I’ve got money in the bank
And I dress in expensive brand
Oh, but it don’t mean nothing,
It don’t mean a thing to you

That’s why i’m very very very sad man
Yes, I’m

Out of road is getting cold
But let me in your heart and let
The story unfold

It only just begun the rest has
Never been told
Now me realise love is not money
And gold

Me no a simple kiss more
Expensive than a prada
Give you change for buy and
Raise spend it on your daughter

I love the money and the world
Don’t really matter
Lion is to me and i deny that
She righter

So yes i’m sad, yes i’m so sad

Ohh, I
I want you so bad, so bad, so bad




Richie Campbell, Focused, 2012


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